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Medical & Dental missions

Teams are made up of physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, registered dieticians, public health professionals, medical and nursing students and concerned citizens. Contact any of the following organizations to find out when the next opportunity to serve the people in Alto Cayma: HBI-Logo-Only_HighDefinitio

To become involved:
or email HBI at

Background: There is an extreme shortage of clean water in most Peruvian communities.  Few families have an adequate supply.  The cost of potable water in some of the most impoverished communities of Peru is as much as US$3 per cubic meter (approximately 260 gallons).  In a country where more than 40% of the population earns less than $2 a day, the cost of clean drinking water has had serious negative impacts on the overall health of a community.  Families are forced to make difficult trade-offs between clean water, food, school and healthcare fees when managing a meager household budget.

From very humble beginnings, a water purification project was started by the Presbyterian Church USA.  The system that was designed and is continually being improved by a group of water treatment engineers through a program entitled Living Waters for the World,, has now been installed at 68 sites in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, Haiti, Belize, Nicaragua, El Salvador, India, Ghana, Philippines and the Dominican Republic.  Under Dr. Wayne Centrone’s direction, Health Bridges International (HBI) has installed the first of several units in Alto Cayma in the mission’s kitchen. Many more units will be purchased and installed in Alto Cayma. Each unit will have a capacity to provide 300 gallons of clean water per hour, and will be held in a trust by the community to provide clean, potable water for the entire area.

Water filters could be placed on a property that soon will house an eye clinic and surgery center, a kitchen for feeding up to several thousand people per day, a possible senior center, and other community center type projects.  Due to its location, this property has the potential to serve a population of 120,000 people in 4 poor communities. 

Sponsor a Child

  • Children receive support in education, health care, nutrition, religious formation, clothing and more.
  • Request a child by contacting Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) @
  • Indicate you would like to sponsor a child at ‘The Guardian Angel’ in Arequipa, Peru.

Donation of money

  • to provide meals for the needy poor; $50 provides a daily meal for one person for one year.
  • to provide building materials
  • to buy medical supplies and medicines

The need for providing meals is approximately 5,000 per day. Currently 650 meals are being provided. The nutritious meals are provided mainly to children and the elderly.  Food is prepared in one large kitchen, and delivered to various distribution points throughout the settlement.  In some instances, meals are delivered directly to the homes of elderly – in the “Meals on Wheels” model of care facilitation. 

The cost of the feeding program is $50 per person per year.  The current kitchen has a capacity for up to 800 meals per day.  A second kitchen will be built when the funds are available.  The new kitchen will provide feeding services to an expanded population of over 2,500.

Donation of items

  • Needs include:
  • Clothes, shoes
  • Blankets
  • Hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, hand towel)
  • Medical supplies
  • In 2008 a container of collected items will be sent from Portland, Oregon. Gather up any and all of the above items. Additional information to follow.
  • Buy hand-made goods

Beautiful hand made cards




These cards are made by young women. The people in this settlement have moved down from remote mountain villages to try to make a better life for themselves and their families. The people arrive from the mountain villages with few skills with which to make a living in the city, and the women help support their families by cleaning houses, taking in washing, or performing other manual labor for very low wages. With support from Rotary International, the women are being taught to do handicrafts as a means of increasing their earning potential. These cards, which are the result of that enterprise, have enabled someone to help themselves significantly improve the quality of life of their family.

  • is a local non-profit organization where you can obtain these hand made cards.
  • Be a distributor of the products. Buy the products from us and sell them for a profit.
  • Current needs - open document


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