Serve Beyond Charities
An adventure in faith and service...building peace on earth.


Daycare & Preschool

  • Serving 80 children from 4 months to 5 years of age
  • Monday through Friday from 6.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
  • Includes: Nutrition, health care, education, clothing, etc.


Elderly Outreach

  • Daily lunch for a 130 elderly
  • Regular visits by a Social Worker & Volunteers
  • Medical care including medicines and home visits
  • Laundry service to approximately 25 elderly
  • Clothing and all kinds of other attention
  • Weekly meetings


Daily Meals

  • 100 breakfasts, snacks and meals are prepared daily for the child care center.
  • 130 meals are prepared daily for the elderly.
  • 420 meals are prepared for people living in extreme poverty.


Job & Skill Creation

  • Production of Alpaca knitted products.
  • Production of a wide variety of handcrafts.
  • Production of a big variety of hand made cards.
  • Production of most of the typical souvenirs.
  • Sale in local fairs and outside of Peru.


Sponsored Children

  • At present there are almost 300 children sponsored
  • They receive support in education, health care, nutrition, religious formation, clothing and more.
  • The children write 3 letters to their sponsors every year.
  • Some sponsors write letters and send gifts.
  • The sponsors are always kept in our prayers.



  • Opportunity to take computer classes.
  • Open for everybody, young and old.
  • 12 computers available.
  • Certification by the National University.
  • Adult education (speech, reading and writing)
  • Personal formation (Preventive medicine, self esteem, rights and duties)
  • Family values
  • Courses in various skills, crafts, food preparation, etc.


Volunteer Service

  • Churches of different Denominations
  • University Teachers and Students
  • Medical and dental organizations
  • Doctors, nurses and dentists
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Members of Rotary International


Individual Volunteers serve from over a month to a couple of years.
Professional as well as non-professional Volunteers are encouraged to visit and give a helping hand.

A small fee is charged for the running and up keeping of the house, which includes food and lodging.
Usually Volunteers are supported by their home Church or some other Organization.

Improve Living Conditions

  • Greenhouses for better nutrition and income.
  • Domicile potable water.
  • Fish farms.
  • Small roads connecting different villages.
  • Medical missions.
  • Assistance in emergencies.



Serve Beyond Charities  is a 501(c)3 non profit charity.
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